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5G, the next frontier

Last week, our second European 5G summit took place in Munich. As technology, policy and business experts put their heads together to define the next steps in this disruptive process, let’s have a look at some of the technical concepts behind this buzzword. What makes 5G the next frontier of innovation for the entire mobile… » read more

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5G for Europe, Europe for 5G

The evolution of 5G technologies will have a fundamental impact on the future of ICT, transforming our lifestyles and building a bridge to the next generation of our digital society. Over the past two years, smartphones and mobile internet have already set off a fundamental and rather surprising transformation in the way we access the… » read more

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This is my third New Year since I moved to Brussels. I have now spent more than ten years in Europe. My initial mission here in Brussels was, as my CEO says, to “build strategic partnerships with Europe’s industry and policy makers”. Three years on, I can say that despite complex policy debates and occasional… » read more

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